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Fügnerovo náměstí 1808/3, 120 00 Praha 2


50.072095965881, 14.429977387697


Martin and his team cover the Czech Republic and surrounding countries of the EU.

With a Police background Martin BATHA operate with a Mandatory contract, according to §566 of the Czech Commercial code.

Information, intelligence and maintenance services

  • We are able to acquire information of various type (mainly in the entrepreneurial area with
    the use of intelligence technique and intelligence procedures)
  • We are equipped with the high-end audio-video technique
  • We offer security services; installation of the security technology, security systems; administration
    of parking systems; security guards; personal guards; expert activities including detective services; protection of the industrial design and protection against the industrial espionage.
  • We solve the leaks of internal information (mainly to your competition).
  • We gather information about your competition, screenings of persons and companies. Additional information will be shared after receiving of the submission of your requests.

Surveillance of persons, vehicles and objects

With all the documentation acquired by the high/end technique (written log of events and continuance of the surveillance is a matter of course. The length of surveillance, the frequency and the purpose of the surveillance is always totally individual according to your needs. The way of surveillance is a way given, however the execution of it depends on many factors. This is one of our most demanding and for you one of our most expensive services. It is advisable to pursue the surveillance in more people and with use of two and more vehicles. Every case of surveillance is individually consulted and has to be agreed on by you.


Searching for missing persons, items, classified information (especially missing and wanted persons, hiding for various reasons, often change their residence etc.)

Other activities directly linked to the search are e.g. acquiring of probative materials (s. tort and general litigation etc.)

Complex security analyses for objects of various types

Including the investigation of information, events, items and other factors influencing the security of protected interests, the goal is to create and set up environment to minimalize threats and risks (from pointing out the critical spots, design of their improvement, design of the complex anti-burglar system for your object, systems protecting you against other security risks, accidents and other possible failures).

We design and provide the installation of camera monitoring systems (including the hidden ones); after the evaluation of the situation we install technical device that will identify the culprits e.g. stealing in the office (the culprit will be seen in the full light, and that will help the identification).

We have got very good results with e.g. revealing of the latent criminal activity not only in big warehouses or properties. We were successful in pointing out the possible culprits and in provoking those to committing other criminal activities and then proving them as the culprit without any doubts.

Personal protection – body-guarding and security guards

With the emphasis on respecting of differences of the methods and means used according to your needs and requests.

Personal detective protection is provided in a classical (smart) suit, security guards (of bank, hotel, administrative, manufacturing, hospital, warehouse and other type) is conducted according to specific conditions and needs, the use of technical security devices is included.

Debt recoveries

From addressing the debtor, appealing to him, writing down the record to final recovery of the debt (e.g. in the direct cooperation with the juridical executor).

We will offer advice with all the necessities, we will provide the precursory analysis (on the natural or artificial person including the background papers on whether the execution order is possible and to what extent) and we will provide everything necessary for the embarkation of the execution. You will manage to avoid situations when the execution embarkation would be pointless, since the person upon who the execution should be embarked is devoid of all property etc.

  • Every case is unique and requires a specific approach and solution.
  • Nobody can be a specialist in everything, but we know what we are doing.
  • Devote yourself to your primary activities – leave the specialised ones to us.
  • Early decision to use our services saves your expenses!